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Advantage+ Practice Management Software

Why spend time tracking down patient files and invoices when you could be delivering care?
Advantage+ provides a feature-packed basic package to improve your workflow easily and cost effectively.

Advantage+ Features:

Medical Records

Create customized templates for all medical processes and allows you to import lab results and images directly into the medical record.

Purchasing Manager

Manage all aspects of vendor interaction including inventory tracking and purchase history.

Advantage+ Practice Management Software

Boarding Manager

Manage all features of reserving space and boarding patients even customizing cages by species, weight, size, etc.

Mobile Pro

Take ImproMed® Advantage+ Practice Management Software on the road! This tool allows you to synchronize all client information with your office and your mobile device.

Benefits to your practice:

Streamline operations:

Transactions, patient records, appointments and more are displayed in an easy user interface. If your team can use Windows, they can use Advantage+ Practice Management Software.

Manage inventory:

Imagine getting low stock warnings and being able to track consumables? With Advantage+ Practice Management Software you can and set-up is a snap!

Easy billing:

Just a few clicks and you quickly apply multiple providers, service dates, discounts, rates, and services PLUS track client balances at your fingertips.

Manage prescriptions:

Prescriptions are saved to a patient’s medical history and the system provides auto prompt, fill on the fly and prints labels.

Training included:

Each Advantage+ package includes phone and internet based education.

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