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Infinity Tip: How to plan for Year-End:

The information you need for year-end preparation is right at your fingertips. Certain reports give you a snapshot of your financials and inventory which can help you prepare last-minute tax strategies and for the following year.

ImproMed Infinity does not have a definitive method of "closing" the books at the end of the day, week, month, or year. Instead, since most reports can be generated at any time for any time period, closing your end of year can be done in a few steps.

End-of-year in four easy steps:

  • 1. Print or export the Financial Summary report and the Inventory Category Totals report.
  • 2. Choose a secure storage location for your data (Example: External Hard drive for offsite storage).
  • 3. Create a backup of your data to the secure storage location you have chosen.
  • 4. Run the Year-End-Procedures Utility located in your ImproMed Infinity program.

The Year-End-Procedures Utility contains instructions to help guide you to use the Utility. There are only two areas to enter changes to the Utility:

  • 1. Enter in your last Fiscal Year.
  • 2. Enter in the first Month, Day and Year of your next Fiscal year.

For more detailed instructions, you can type "End of Year" in the Infinity help menu. If you need additional assistance, ImproMed Support can be reached at (800) 925-7171.

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