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Finish Strong.
And start stronger.

What do you want to accomplish in 2017? A steady increase in patients to help your practice grow? Improved compliance with your existing patients? Professional development and training for your staff, designed to help them boost efficiency? New diagnostics, wellness plans, or other services to add to your practice?

Top Five Takeaways from the Veterinary Technology Summit

We took some time to chat with Vet Summit attendees one-on-one. Here are the top five things that attendees loved most about the summit.

The Truth About Reward Cards

Credit card processing fees can be difficult for practices to understand if they have not familiarized themselves with the process. With service providers charging an interchange rate just to use their card, plus the swiping fee markup that merchant service providers charge, and the additional fees charged to fund credit card rewards programs, it is important to understand how these rates and fees work so you can properly manage them.

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