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News IconClearVetâ„¢ Digital and ImproMed Partner on Software Integration

Denver (Nov 27, 2012) - ClearVet™ Digital RadiographySystems, Inc., a provider of digital x-ray equipment for veterinarians, and ImproMed®, LLC, a provider of business and medical management software for the veterinary industry, announce their partnership and completion of top-tier integration of ClearVet Digital Radiography Systems with ImproMed’s Infinity Practice Management Software.

“Too often, veterinarians are forced to choose a brand ofdigital veterinary x-ray they don't really want because the practice management software vendor does not support integration and open standards,” says MattA dkins, North America Sales Manager for ClearVet™ Digital.  “Partnering with ImproMed allows Veterinarians to choose any of ClearVet Digital’s three modalities with complete peace of mind knowing that it will seamlessly integrate with their current practice management software.”

The ClearVet™ line of Digital Radiography Systems offers these benefits to veterinarians:

  • Choose From CR, DR-CCD and DR-Flat Panel Systems
  • In-house hardware and software engineers
  • On-site training and ongoing support

ClearVet™ is the firstand only company in the industry to offer all three Digital Radiography modalitiesunder one name backed by in‐house hardware and software support.

For more information on the ClearVet™ Digital Radiography Systems,please visit

About ClearVet™Digital:

Leaders in veterinary digital radiography systems, ClearVet™ has changed the rules in buying digital equipment. The ClearVet™ Total System Accountability approach coupled with its groundbreaking line of digital radiography platforms allow veterinarians to choose the technology they want with complete peace of mind. With ClearVet™, service and support come from a single source. When veterinarians need help, they get it. No excuses and no finger pointing. Total System Accountability means better service and on‐time support.

ClearVet™Digital is based in Denver,CO. Learn more at or call1-888-998-2838.




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