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News IconImproMed and SimonDR Announce Seamless Integration

For Immediate Release November 10, 2008
SimonDR Announces Complete and Seamless Integration Between SimonDR's CCD Direct Radiography (DR) WhiteCap Viewing and Acquisition Software and ImproMed Infinity Veterinary Practice Management System.
SimonDR has successfully implemented integration with ImproMed Infinity Veterinary Practice Management system with SimonDR's state of the art, economical DRV 13mp DR (direct radiography) and their newly developed DRV 10mp DR system which both use the heralded WhiteCap software by SimonDR.
Seemless integration with ImproMed Infinity makes working with radiography within the veterinary practice much easier.  Acquiring images through SimonDR's system is easier than ever, eliminating entry errors and improving accuracy.  Patient entry into the SimonDR’s WhiteCap acquisition system is as easy as selecting the patient from a list generated by ImproMed, measuring the animal, and taking the x-ray.  The entire process of taking an x-ray from patient entry to image viewing can take as little as 25 seconds or less.
After acquisition, images are automatically fed back into the ImproMed Infinity system allowing for easy image distribution within a practice.  Images are automatically attached to client files within ImproMed Infinity.  Additionally, invoicing is also generated automatically, potentially eliminating many costly missed-billings.
"The achievement of true integration means that many steps are eliminated, making digital x-ray easier than ever and more error free than ever.  The fact is in the workplace, mistakes are human oriented so any chance you can take to eliminate human inaccuracy will pay off quickly.  It is the 'holy-grail' in the human market and the folks at ImproMed have truly brought it to the veterinary market first and best.  Their marketing and technical people have been the best to work with in the industry," said Jason Simon, President of SimonDR, Inc.
About SimonDR:
SimonDR, Inc. is the only ISO9001 US based manufacturer of Direct Digital imaging devices for the veterinary market.  Founded in 2004, SimonDR is a spin-off of H.R. Simon and Company, one of the world's leading and the world's oldest independent manufacturer of medical imaging chemicals.  SimonDR's focus is on delivering digital solutions to customers based on quality, user feedback, and ease of use.
About ImproMed, Inc.
ImproMed is an award-winning, world-leading developer and provider of business and medical management software for the veterinary industry. Since its inception in 1979, ImproMed's continuing mission has been to provide veterinarians with the best software and knowledge management solutions by carefully monitoring changes in the veterinary medicine field and implementing program suggestions from their clients.
For information on SimonDR, please visit or  contact Paula Ellison, Vice-President, at 800-835-3852. Paula can also be reached by email at For information on ImproMed, visit or call (800) 925-7171.

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