Inventory Management Payment Solutions Integrated credit and debit card processing to save you time and money.

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Payment solutions - built for your business

Save time and money with credit card processing services that are fully integrated with ImproMed software. They’re quick and convenient to use, eliminate missed charges and errors when entering payments in both the practice management software and credit card terminal.

Online reporting, electronic signature capture, compliance with security standards, and competitive pricing make our Payment Solutions the most efficient and secure processing application with your ImproMed software.

  • Reduce reconciliation time each day. Payments are automatically posted to your software and credit card processor at the same time, reducing errors, streamlining reconciliation and saving you time – between three and five minutes at checkout.
  • Allow for quicker transactions by securely storing the card for future use. No need for re-entry on the next visit. (ImproMed version 6.0)
  • Tie stored credit cards to payment plans allowing for scheduled payments. This adds a convenience to your clients, saves you time when running monthly payment plans, and helps lessen possible accounts receivable.
  • Compliant with PCI and EMV security standards.

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Call us at 855.478.7920 to get started today