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Equine Practice Management Software

Triple Crown puts horsepower into your practice

Your clients invest in the health of their animals. Isn’t it time you did the same, with a product that can help you deliver the best care possible? Triple Crown is the best-selling equine practice management software, designed specifically for equine veterinarians. Advanced features such as mobile apps, automated ordering, and complete treatment plans save time, streamline your practice, and keep medical information at your fingertips.

Triple Crown Features:

Ambulatory Applications

Triple Crown Equine Practice Management Software operates easily in a hospital setting or in ambulatory practices — mobile versions are available for rapid access on laptops or tablets. Syncs fast and easy when you’re back at the office.

Treatment Plans

Specifically designed for equine patients to quickly “check the boxes” to administer treatments, which updates the medical record and places appropriate charges on the client invoice. This saves time and eliminates missed charges.

Equine Practice Management Software

Equine Specific Billing

Easily invoice multiple patients assigned to a Stable or a Trainer at once. You can even use Split Billing to make sure the appropriate parties are billed correctly.

Mobile Applications

Manage your practice on the go and stay in touch at all times. Look up client and patient information, upload images directly into Triple Crown, view medical records, view patient and client information, and more...anytime, anywhere.

Benefits to your practice:

Efficient use of data:

Enter data once and your information instantly populates throughout the entire system.  Within a matter of seconds, every networked computer will show the same information.

Mobile Apps:

We put ImproMed techonology at your finger tips with a product line that gives you information on the go. All applications work with iOS or Android devices. ImproView allows you to look up medical records, account balances, or access client contact information. Pulse allows you to monitor your businesses' profitability in an easy to use app, you can search revenue, payments, transactions and accounts receivable to get a financial snapshot of your practice on the go. Improve patient care with the Lab Retriever app, easily access lab results anytime, anywhere.

Treatment Plans:

Streamlined with an enhanced look and feel for easier use. The new Whiteboard view allows you to see all patients in the practice at once.

Seamless integration:

Triple Crown equine practice management software offers more vendor partner integrations that any other equine software on the market. Connect with vendor partners of your choice for in-house and reference labs, digital imaging, and pharmacy references.

Why should you choose Triple Crown?

Equine practitioners travel from office to farm to stable—there’s no extra time in the day to transcribe paperwork and track down inventory. Triple Crown Equine Practice Management Software gives you all the tools you need to streamline your practice and keep medical information at your fingertips. Mobile apps, automated ordering, tools to analyze your pricing, complete treatment plans and so much more are in one easy-to-use system. Let our customers tell you how Triple Crown puts them in the winner’s circle.

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What our clients are saying:

Even though I would think it’s impossible for ImproMed to improve above the excellence already in place, everyone there proves me wrong time and time again by being even BETTER than before.

Jessica Molina -
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital

The support technicians can get into our system via remote and they not only fix the software problems but more typically they support our microsoft, printer and general computer problems.

Ann Wills, DVM -
West Texas Emergency Veterinary Clinic

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